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Project Updates

Facility Updates for Redevelopment Project Announced at Community Consultation Meeting

At the Community Consultation Meeting hosted by Councillor Josh Colle on May 11, 2017, Villa Charities President and CEO Anthony DiCaita announced important updates to the Columbus Centre/Villa Charities and Dante Alighieri Academy Redevelopment, including a swimming pool and the plan to provide an indoor walking and running track.

The proposed swimming pool in the new facility will be the same size as the current pool in the Athletic Centre, and will include resistance jets. The new pool will be available for lap swimming, aquafitness, lessons and leisure activities.

A preliminary solution has also been developed for an indoor walking and running circuit through the use of shared facilities within Dante Alighieri Academy. The proposed indoor circuit will be 130 metres, an increase in size compared to the current indoor track circumference of 105 metres.

Other key features of the health and fitness programs and services to be offered in the shared-use facility include:

  • Athletic facilities with state-of-the-art fitness studios for spin, aerobics and yoga
  • Exclusive Columbus Centre-use changeroom facilities with private showers, sauna and whirlpool
  • Massage and therapy clinics, child-minding and other programs
  • Triple gymnasium (Dante Alighieri), including bleachers and competition basketball and volleyball courts
  • Community use of school gymnasiums and walking circuit, as per sharing agreement

The new shared-use facility will be a reimagined space for Columbus Centre and Dante Alighieri Academy. The new state-of-the-art, intergenerational community hub is considered the largest and only co-development project of its kind currently underway in North America, and will better meet the needs and expectations of future generations and the communities they serve.

To see the full memo detailing the new facility updates, please click here.

At-A-Glance: Key Features and Site Statistics

Existing pool size:                                              8.5 m x 18.5 m
Proposed pool size:                                           8.5 m x 17.5 m

Existing indoor walking/running track:          105 metres
Proposed indoor walking/running circuit:     130 metres

Number of trees to be removed:                     75 trees
Number of new trees to be planted:              129 trees

Existing number of parking spaces:               658 spaces
Proposed number of parking spaces:            604 spaces

Existing outdoor amenity space:                     6,900 sm (not including tennis)
Proposed outdoor amenity space:                  5,500 sm (including courtyard)

Columbus Centre Programs

Current net usable program area (excluding racquet sports):          +/-11,000 sm

Proposed net usable program area (including shared facilities):     +/-12,000 sm

Outdoor walking/running circuit:    480 metres

Columbus Centre/Villa Charities & Dante Alighieri Academy Redevelopment Open House Recap

Villa Charities and the Toronto Catholic District School Board hosted an Open House on Tuesday, April 18 for the Columbus Centre/Villa Charities & Dante Alighieri Academy Redevelopment: An Intergenerational Community Hub. The Open House, which was held at the Columbus Centre, was attended by more than 300 people who gathered to learn more about the new shared-use facility. There was a presentation to highlight the design and features of this state-of-the art reimagined space, which will be a premier cultural and educational destination. Representatives from Villa Charities and the Toronto Catholic District School Board were on hand to answer questions and talk to Columbus Centre patrons and members of the community.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for your questions and comments. Please check our FAQs section on the website over the coming weeks for updates and additional information about the Redevelopment.

Photo Gallery

Our New Vision In 2020

The New Columbus Centre Comes To Life in a 3D Scale Model

The vision of the new shared-use Columbus Centre/Villa Charities and Dante Alighieri Academy Intergenerational Community Hub will come to life in a stunning new 3D scale model available to view in the Columbus Centre atrium beginning April 1.  The 1:100 scale model will showcase the revitalized, state-of-the art, four-story building and provide a preview of the new, fully modernized facilities that will be available at the Columbus Centre, such as improved fitness facilities, a street presence for our restaurant and a modern glass façade that will bring natural light into Columbus Centre cultural classrooms.

The model will also be available for the public to view at a joint Villa Charities/TCDSB Open House, which will be held at the Columbus Centre in the near future. Details will be announced at a later date.