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Columbus Centre Personal Training Services

We offer an excellent start-up program for beginners or those who want to expand their capacity. Experienced Personal Trainers are available 7 days a week for those who need extra motivation, have time constraints, require nutrition or lifestyle guidance, or simply aren’t getting the desired results.  One week has 168 hours. All you need to give yourself is three hours a week to improve your health, increase your energy, stamina, endurance, strength, and overall body composition. By investing your time with a personal trainer your workouts will become safe, effective and time-efficient. Your trainer will assist you in achieving your health, fitness and/or performance objectives.

We take it personally so let us help you achieve your fitness goals!

Our One to One sessions are designed to:

  • Improve your overall fitness
    The personal trainer will monitor your progress and fine-tune your program as you go, helping you work your way off plateaus.
  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight
    Body fat reduction, weight reduction or management, body shaping and toning can all be achieved with the aid of a qualified trainer.
  • Learn to stick to it
    Trainers can help motivate you with clear goals and safe strategies.
  • Find the right way to work out
    Learn the correct way to use equipment and appropriate form and technique for cardiovascular work and free-weight/machine training.
  • Stop wasting time
    Get maximum results in minimum time with a program designed specifically for you.
  • Enhance your mind, body and spirit
    Try outdoor pursuits such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and discover new insights about yourself or find the potential you didn’t realize you had.
  • Take charge of your program and do it your way
    Find the exercise program that works best for you. How many times per week or month do you want to meet your trainer and for how long? You can get fit and healthy your way and take ultimate responsibility for your own health.
  • Focus on your unique health concerns
    50% of clients have special needs such as arthritis, diabetes or obesity.  A trainer can help you with these or other issues including low-back pain, rehabilitation from injury or pre/postnatal training.

Personal Training Rates 

Express Personal Training

Finding it hard to fit a workout into your busy schedule? We have the answer for you — our new 30-minute Personal Training Sessions. Certified Personal Trainers will get you moving with a focused workout that is time-efficient and cost-effective.

Express Personal Training Rates 

Please contact the Membership Office for more information or to book your Personal Training Session:

Kosta Tzigas
Phone: 416-789-7011 ext. 231