About the Foundation

The Villa Charities Foundation was created in 1990 and is a member of the Villa Charities family of organizations.

The Foundation's mission is:

"To provide continued, reliable financial support for member organizations of Villa Charities, which provide social assistance, cultural development and educational programmes to the general community in the Greater Toronto Area and York Region."

The Foundation's three functions are to:

1. Raise capital and operating funds for the Villa Charities organizations;
2. Invest the funds raised;
3. Allocate donated funds to Villa Charities family of organizations.

The Foundation and the Villa Charities Family of Organizations

As a member of the Villa Charities family, the Foundation supports the following member organizations:

  • Villa Colombo
  • Villa Colombo Vaughan Di Poce Centre
  • Columbus Centre and its athletic and cultural programs, and the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery
  • Caboto Terrace, Casa DelZotto and Casa Abruzzo - homes that provide independent and assisted living to seniors and adults with intellectual disabilities

To learn more about the Foundation and its work, read our Report to Donors.