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The Venetian Ball is the crown jewel in Villa Charities Foundation’s annual signature fundraising events. Ranked as one of Toronto’s most exquisite benefits, the 19th annual Venetian Ball will dazzle with magnificent décor, delectable cuisine, a spectacular live auction and extraordinary entertainment which, in keeping with the mystery of Carnevale, is not revealed until the evening of the gala.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of all past co-chairs, The Venetian Ball has gained renown and become one of the must-attend fundraisers in the city. The unprecedented commitment each chair has given to Villa Charities builds upon the legacy of volunteerism and leadership established 19 years ago when Mr. Elvio Del Zotto first founded The Venetian Ball in 1994 with co-chairs Marlene Del Zotto and Senator Trevor Eyton, hosting the event at Villa Colombo’s Sala Caboto.

Most importantly, The Venetian Ball has successfully raised over $7 million to help Villa Charities continue providing culturally sensitive care and improving the quality of life for seniors, assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities or mental health issues pursue their life dreams and goals and sharing the cultural programming that continues to inspire our community.



Villa Charities Foundation is sincerely grateful to the following individuals who selflessly volunteered their time and resources to chair The Venetian Ball since its inception:

Marlene Del Zotto and Senator Trevor Eyton
Chairs, 1994

Alfred and Teresa DeGasperis
Chairs, 1995

Rudolph and Catherine Bratty
Chairs, 1996

Carlo and Angela Baldassarra
Chairs, 1997

Angela Baldassarra and Catherine Bratty
Chairs, 1998

Jim V. De Gasperis, Mario Romano, Toni Varone and Wendy Switzer Myles
Chairs, 1999

Jim V. De Gasperis, Wendy Switzer Myles, Mario Romano and Toni Varone
Chairs, 2000

Mauro Baldassarra and John Aquino
Chairs, 2001

Elvio and Marlene Del Zotto, Angela Baldassarra, Sandra Belvedere, Alma Fidani, and Wendy Switzer Myles
Chairs, 2002

Jim and Lina De Gasperis
Chairs, 2003

Franco and Elle Palladini
Chairs, 2004

Giancarlo and Rita Appugliesi
Chairs, 2005

Peter and Anna Eliopoulos
Chairs, 2006

Lina De Gasperis and Anna Eliopoulos
Chairs, 2007

Gloria Di Giovanni
Chair, 2008

James Di Luca and Steven Muzzo
Chairs, 2009

James Di Luca and Steven Muzzo
Chairs, 2010

Rudolph P. Bratty and Tony Gagliano
Chairs, 2011