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Revitalization Project

Villa Colombo Toronto

Revitalization Project

On September 22nd, VCI hosted a virtual town hall for Villa Colombo Toronto families, residents and caregivers, to share the latest updates regarding the VCT Revitalization project.


Over the past few months, we have been exploring all options for this revitalization, including a renovation of the existing building or the construction of a new adjacent facility. Based on the preliminary findings from our architectural firm Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc., we can share the following details for each of these options:


A. Renovation

  • Renovation of the existing space is a more feasible plan than originally thought.
  • Only the portion of the building housing the 266 Class B beds in question, will be renovated to meet the new standards.
  • This may result in a reduced number of beds, through attrition only. No current residents will be impacted as a result.

B. New Building Addition Adjacent to Current Building

  • We are looking at various scenarios should we conclude that a new building is required, which include:
  • A new taller building with a smaller footprint (more vertical floors); or
  • This may result in a reduced number of beds, through attrition only. No current residents will be impacted as a result.

As we continue to explore both options, how we move forward will be determined by a number of factors including cost, Ministry funding approvals, Municipal approvals of design, and fundraising feasibility for the anticipated financial gap between the current Ministry funding model and the cost to construct a new building or renovate the existing building.


Our priority is to proceed with a plan that will provide the most seamless transition for our residents with minimal disruption, while continuing to deliver the highest quality of care. The outcome must also make sense in terms of financial sustainability for the organization, and we will also strive to maintain the much-needed long-term care beds within the health care system.


Click here to download a copy of the Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc. presentation.


On March 9th, the Ontario government confirmed it will add 1,328 new and 641 upgraded long-term care beds across nine not-for-profit long-term care homes in Toronto, including one municipal home. 
The project funding will include 256 upgraded long-term care beds at Villa Colombo Toronto. Following the revitalization of the long-term care facility, there will be a total of 381 beds in Villa Colombo Toronto. Construction is expected to start by spring, 2024. We will continue to share updates as more details are available.

On Tuesday, December 7th we hosted a public meeting for members of the community to discuss

a proposed Villa Colombo Toronto Revitalization Project. The meeting included a presentation by Marco DeVuono, President and CEO, Villa Charities Inc., followed by a Q & A session with Mr. DeVuono and John Hendriks, Board Chair, Villa Colombo Toronto. 


A copy of the presentation is available to download here.

Click here to watch a video of the meeting.  


Updates on the project including future meetings will be posted on this page.


For any questions related to this project, please send an email to: vctproject@villacharities.com


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