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About the Villa Colombo Toronto Auxiliary (VCTA)

Villa Colombo Toronto opened its doors in 1976 and involved one of the largest cooperative community efforts in the history of Italian-Canadians.


In that year, the Villa Colombo Toronto Ladies’ Auxiliary, now the Villa Colombo Toronto Auxiliary (VCTA) was founded with a purpose of benevolent volunteerism in support of the home and its valued residents. The VCTA is comprised of committed individuals who dedicate their time and efforts towards creating special fundraising events and promoting our rich Italian heritage as part of Canada’s multicultural environment.


The Villa Colombo Toronto Auxiliary (VCTA) is also a fundamental component of Villa Colombo Toronto which, through its efforts, provides event support and unique funds that enhance Villa Colombo Toronto’s services.


In the last 40 years, the VCTA has raised millions of dollars in support of Villa Colombo Toronto. As a service-focused non-profit organization, the VCTA membership is honoured and privileged to give back to our community.

Board of Governors