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Membership Inclusive Group Fitness Programs

Staying motivated is the secret to staying in shape. At Columbus Centre, we know it’s not always easy to drag yourself to the gym alone… so why not join a group activity? Our aerobic classes will make you feel like you’re one of the team.

Columbus Centre Group fitness instructors are certified by one or more of the leading aerobic certification organizations. They participate in departmental training programs, outside workshops, seminars and conventions. Classes are monitored regularly to ensure safe and effective workouts.

Columbus Centre offers over 45 different classes to choose from, and our diverse class schedule makes it easy to participate on a regular basis. We have three class levels — beginner, intermediate and advanced. Find a class just right for you and discover an enhanced lifestyle.

The following programs are included with all membership levels. Please see below for class schedules.


The spinning training program consists of a high-intensity, non-impact cardiovascular workout for all people, of all ages. Pedal in groups over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains, and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening your core and lower body muscles.

  • Classes are open to all levels of fitness.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Take breaks as often as needed and you will be able to participate in any of the classes.


This 45-minute class is geared to anyone who can ride a bike. This class will prepare you for the next level of spinning or just help you maintain your current level of fitness.


This class is geared to the intermediate-level spinner. A 45-minute spin that will challenge you and help you move to the next level of spinning.


Be prepared to sweat! This is the ultimate level in spinning. This 60-minute class is for the advanced spinner who would like a challenge and is not afraid to work hard.

Certified instructors with motivating music will inspire you to new levels of fitness that will improve your health and lifestyle.

*Please sign in at the control desk within one hour prior to spin class start time. Space is limited to the first 20 participants. No telephone registrations.

Please note:

Sign-up will not guarantee you a bike; participants have a five-minute grace period to check into class.The five minutes is based on class start time.

Recommendations for the class:

  • Bring water and a towel.
  • Padded shorts or a gel seat will help make you more comfortable but are not required.
  • Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes early for assistance to set up your bike properly.
  • Please wipe down your bike when the class is finished.

Monday Night Stretch

Flexibility is one of the principal components of an individual’s physical fitness. The focus of the class is on lengthening all major muscle groups of the body, creating a longer and lighter body. These stretching exercises will help participants increase their body comfort, move more freely, reduce post-exercise muscle soreness, reduce fatigue, improve their posture, develop body awareness, increase their energy and to relax and relieve stress.

Cardio-Strength Circuit

The class combines segments of 10-minute cardiovascular training with 10-minute strength training. This workout boosts the metabolism for the entire day. It is a great way of burning more calories during the day, contributing to losing body fat while toning the body.

Total Body Challenge

This total body workout targets all the muscles of the body — hips, glutes, thighs, chest, back, shoulders, and arms. Each circuit includes three to four exercises that alternate between upper body and lower body as well as bilateral and unilateral for a unique, quick-paced workout. This workout is best for experienced exercisers who are comfortable using a variety of equipment, however the instructor will provide alternative exercises for the novice participant.

Step & Groove

This class is geared towards advanced participants with step experience. It has challenging choreography with funky dance moves to keep the participants motivated throughout the entire class. Please note: New routines start on the first Saturday of each month.

Boot Camp

Train like a soldier! Boot Camp consists of drills and exercises to give you a challenging and exciting workout. Be prepared to sweat!

Step Energy & Tone

Utilizing a step platform, this workout provides an intense 30-minute cardio respiratory workout. It boosts your metabolism and increases your energy level for the rest of the day. The 30-minute resistance training segment is focused on strengthening the whole body using a variety of equipment, and includes an abdominal component.

Body Tone

A total body workout using light to moderate weights with various movements and high repetitions. Abdominal exercises are an integral part of this class.

Hi-Low & Groove

This class provides a high level of cardiovascular training. It has challenging choreography with fun and diverse moves to keep the participants coming back for more.

Circuit 55+

Regular exercise will help protect you from chronic disease, improve your mood and lower your chances of injury. The older you are, the more you have to gain from exercise. All it takes is 30 minutes a day, three days a week. Join the Columbus Centre Senior Circuit Training classes.


Come join the millions of people who have already discovered that fitness can be fun, motivating and life-changing. This easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness class may be just the change you are looking for. Let our ZUMBA®- certified instructors show you how.

Zumba® Toning

We start with an easy-to follow, Latin-inspired fun dance warm-up and then take the ZUMBA® dance-fitness class to the next level: body-sculpting techniques with low weights, building strength and toning all target zones. Finish off with abs and stretching. Feel fit with a fun workout for your whole body.

Combo-Sculpt & Resist-a-Ball

This class is geared to those who want to be challenged. Several muscle groups are trained with the use of a stability ball.

Muscle Conditioning

This is a weight-training class. The entire body is toned using a variety of tools such as, hand weights, bands, tubing, body bars, medicine balls and gliding discs.

Hi-Low & Tone With Ball

The first part of the class consists of a 30-minute high and low impact cardio respiratory workout. The remaining 30 minutes of the class is designed to condition your muscles using a stability ball and other types of equipment. This class will improve your posture, stability, and balance.

Cardio/Step Circuit

This class contains 16 different stations that change on a regular basis. These stations consist of step and high-intensity cardio stations such as skipping, jogging and jumping jacks.


This abs-only class will challenge you with innovative abdominal and back exercises, really working your core and abdominal muscles.

Cardio Kick Box

This is a “tai-box” style of class. This class is an excellent cardiovascular workout with an emphasis on kicking techniques.