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Past Exhibits




Sara Dalla Guarda, IMPACT: A Dialogue on Art & Memory
Opening Reception: Wednesday, August 14
Installation Dates: Monday, August 12 – Wednesday, August 31

“IMPACT: A Dialogue on Art & Memory” is an interactive art installation that deals with the topics of Alzheimer’s and dementia by focusing on how people tend to associate memory with inanimate objects, creating sentimental attachments. In this piece, porcelain and ceramic plates, teacups, figurines and other fragile items purchased from several thrift shops in Toronto, still connected with the memories and sentimental value from their previous owners, are placed in the vending machine and sold for 50 cents. Once purchased, the item falls from its place and shatters at the bottom of the machine, forever destroying any past or present memories associated with the object. By doing this, the piece is asking the viewer to reflect on what happens to a memory once the object it is attached to is destroyed.

The installation and the questions they ask connect with Alzheimer’s and dementia since — although a person may be affected by these diseases, and their memories fade or disappear completely — their friends and family hold on to the memories once shared with that person and relive them vicariously through an object, song, smell, photo or video. Occasionally, some find that those memories become altered since they are no longer associated with the person who they knew, a majority of whom become shadows of their former selves due to the destructive nature of these diseases.

This installation is meant to provoke discussion and thought as these diseases are usually difficult and uncomfortable for many to confront and converse about, specifically if one has loved ones directly affected by these diseases. “IMPACT” shares how Alzheimer’s and dementia have affected the artist personally, and also aims to make others aware of how essential it is to create a financial, legal and caregiving plan for their elderly parent’s future.

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Marcello Tarantino, “Matera: Citta dei Sassi – European Capital of Culture 2019”
Exhibition Dates: June 6 – August 31



Dario Zini, “City Views: Toronto in Transition (2004 – 2010)”
Exhibition Dates: June 6 – August 31
*with support from The Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation



Ross Bonfanti, “Cement Mixer”
Exhibition Dates: June 6 – August 31

Highlights from the Opening Reception