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Current Exhibits

UPPER GALLERY                                   Centro Scuola, “Mostra Dei Presepi”
g                                                               Exhibition Dates: Sunday, December 9 – Friday, January 11

A Nativity Scene is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Christmas season. In 1233, Saint Francis of Assisi created the first “Presepio Vivente” in Greccio, Italy, in an effort to spread the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of Our Saviour. The idea caught on and that it quickly became a Christmas tradition in many households. Today, it is almost impossible for the Christmas season to go by without seeing a Nativity Scene. In Italy, Nativity Scenes do not consist of just Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men, and Angel Gabriel, but rather whole villages are created. Starting December 8th, La Festa Dell’Immacolata, every Italian household begins to prepare their presepi, taking great pride, love and dedication with elaborate lighting, backdrops, grass, carpeting, and various figurines. Nativity Scenes vary among the many different regions in Italy as cultures and geographic characteristics are incorporated to represent the specific region. The mission of Centro Scuola is to bring these customs and traditions to life here in Toronto. The annual “Mostra Dei Presepi” exhibit presents 30 Nativity Scenes assembled from different parts of the world and regions in Italy. Elaborate pieces from Bethlehem, Tanzania, France, Portugal, the Inuit, the First Nations, and various regions of Italy such as Trentino, Lombardia, Toscana, Lazio, Campania, Abruzzo, Calabria, and Sicilia to name a few have been brought to life in our beautiful city.

LOWER GALLERY .                              Federico Fellini, “Food in Federico Fellini’s drawings”
g                                                             Opening Reception: Sunday, November 18
g                                                             Exhibition Dates: Monday, November 19 – Sunday, January 13

“Food in Federico Fellini’s Drawings” consists of 20 works of art produced by the director at different stages of his career, not all of which were made to explain a scene or a costume to the people he was working with. A significant part of his artwork is drawings from the famous Libro dei sogni, the diary of dreams Fellini has kept for about thirty years, which is at present exhibited in the Rimini City Museum. Childhood, dreaming and food are at the root of Fellini’s work. The drawings of the exhibition have returned food to the same extraordinary world.

Highlights from the Opening Reception

ATRIUM A & B                                      Sami Suomalainen, “IMAGINE”
g                                                             Exhibition Dates: Monday, November 5 – Saturday, January 5