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Updates on Property Management Capital Investments/Projects

Here are the most recent updates on the capital investment projects at the Villa Charities campus:

1. Columbus Campus asphalt repair and replacement work is expected to start the week of October 8th. We will be doing this work in sections to minimize the disruption to the entire parking lot. Please look for the notices posted at the facilities throughout the campus with the schedule of work or click here.

2. The Columbus Early Learning Centres – Centro Abruzzo Centre roof replacement work is expected to commence the week of October 8th. This will be a two-week project and all who are affected by this work will be notified prior to the start of the repairs.

3. We are upgrading our IT infrastructure at the Columbus Centre, Caboto Terrace, and Casa Del Zotto. These changes will mean a more reliable and expandable technology foundation. Our partner, Tektonic will be leading this effort. As part of this work, we will also be relocating our IT room to a more temperature controlled and suitable room. The work will begin this month and continue through end of October.

4. We are replacing the aged HVAC equipment (boilers and air conditioners/chillers) at the Columbus Centre. We are working with a partner engineering firm on the design, RFP process, and contract administration. Boilers will be replaced by end of the year, followed by the replacement of our chillers in the first quarter of next year (Feb-March 2019).

5. The work to retrofit all our generators in five buildings (Columbus Centre, Villa Colombo Toronto, Caboto Terrace, Casa Del Zotto and Casa Abruzzo) is expected to start in October. New compliance standards require us to retrofit all our generators. Generators provide the critical back-up electricity during power outages.

6. Hydro vault door replacements and vault repairs are underway at the Columbus Centre, Casa Del Zotto, and Casa Abruzzo. Two of our hydro vaults suffered water damage, and provisions have been made to ensure all repairs are completed this year. We are working with an engineering firm as this work is highly specialized.

7. The fire panel is also being upgraded at the Columbus Centre. The panel is aged and it is no longer possible to source out parts, therefore, we are proactively upgrading the panel to ensure there are no failure points or safety issues.

8. We are in the midst of receiving quotes to upgrade fire-rated doors in multiple buildings, replace the Columbus Centre front doors, and add push button door openers to our residential building laundry room doors.

9. We have installed TV screens in the lobbies all the residential buildings, to provide our residents with updates and news about Villa Charities programs, events and services.

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