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Competitive Programs



Competitive dance is a rewarding experience for young dancers. It encourages students to achieve their full potential and contributes to developing skills and attitudes that will benefit them throughout their lives.

DanzArts dancer.

Full Time Company

This program is a comprehensive advanced-training curriculum that requires a high level of commitment and dedication from the dancer and family. It is designed to develop well-rounded dance artists and provides a platform for those who wish to pursue a career in dance and/or the performing arts. Dancers attend 8-14 classes per week plus additional rehearsals. All classes and rehearsals are mandatory. Dancers study a variety of disciplines including ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, improvisation, jumps and turns, acro, tap and hip-hop. The company travels to 3-4 competitions per season and enjoys performance opportunities outside the school.

Part Time Company

This program offers dancers an opportunity to train at a more advanced level and experience what it’s like to be part of a team without the demanding schedule of the full time program. Dancers and families are required to fully commit to the training schedule and expectations of the part time company. The program consists of 8-14 classes per week, plus extra rehearsals when required. All classes and rehearsals are mandatory. Students train in a variety of disciplines with a focus on ballet, jazz, contemporary / lyrical and acro. The company travels to 1-2 competitions per season.

Interested in joining our competitive company? Contact us to schedule a private audition. Auditions available through virtual video or on-site, one-on-one.


  • Acceptance into the full time and part time competitive program is by invitation or audition only.
  • Ballet is a prerequisite to our full time and part time competitive companies.

For more information, or to book an audition, please contact DanzArts Toronto:

Dance Administrator

Phone: 647-954-9868

Email: dance@danzartstoronto.com

Competitive Program Dancer

If you are interested in an audition, please contact DanzArts Toronto:


Phone: 647-954-9868
Email: dance@danzartstoronto.com