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“Their Smiles Are Thanks Enough”: Aquatics Program Helps Seniors Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy, says Instructor

For over four years, Mirjana Sebek has been teaching the Special Aquatics Programs, at the Columbus Centre Athletic Club.  The program is designed for seniors with medical and mobility issues. Sebek reminisces and describes the incredible response she’s witnessed from the participants of the program throughout her time as an instructor.

“It’s amazing to see the seniors smiling, feeling better physically, moving around easier, and saying they can’t wait to come to the next class,” says Sebek. “Not only do these aquatics programs, which include specialty Aquafit classes, help seniors physically, they also benefit the participants’ mental health.”

Mirjana stresses that the social element is very important and it’s very good for their health, which is why it’s crucial for them to come to the program regularly, two to three times a week. They see their friends, they chat, they have fun. It’s a very social environment. She strives to improve the posture and form of the participants in her classes because those are the elements that make the biggest difference in the mobility of many seniors.

Her passion for helping seniors to get active and stay healthy, comes from a love of physical education, which she studied in Switzerland. After retiring, she wanted to continue helping people exercise and improve their quality of life.

“There’s no specific moment that stands out to me; the overall feeling of the class is just fun and encouraging,” says Sebek. “Their smiles are thanks enough.”

For further information on aquatics and fitness programs for seniors and older adults, please contact the Athletics Club at 416-789-7011 ext. 213.


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