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Capital Investment Projects Underway at Villa Charities

Villa Charities engaged Stantec Consulting Ltd. (Stantec) to conduct a building condition assessment (“BCA”) of all the Villa Charities properties. The primary purpose of the BCA was to review the present condition of the properties and identify deficiencies and replacements required over the next ten years. The assessment has identified approximately $11 million of work required over the next three-year period. Over the next several months, the property management team will be working on addressing the urgent needs identified by the assessment. They include the following:

  • Replacement of boilers and chillers at the Columbus Centre
  • Hydro vault repairs at Columbus Centre and Casa Abruzzo
  • Generator retrofits at Villa Colombo Toronto, Caboto Terrace, Casa Del Zotto, Casa Abruzzo, Columbus Centre
  • Asphalt repairs on the Villa Charities campus (Caboto Terrace, Casa Del Zotto, Villa Colombo Toronto, Columbus Centre)
  • Roof repairs at Casa Abruzzo (child care area)
  • Replacement of fire-rated doors at Villa Colombo Toronto and Casa Del Zotto
  • Addition of push button door operators in the laundry rooms for Caboto Terrace, Casa Abruzzo and Casa Del Zotto
  • Upgrade fire panels at Caboto Terrace and Villa Charities
  • Upgrade to IT infrastructure at Columbus Centre and Villa Charities campus
  • Upgrade security infrastructure at Casa Abruzzo and Villa Charities campus





August 2, 2018

Building Condition Assessments and Capital Investments Underway for all Villa Charities Facilities

Villa Charities, through a public RFP process, has engaged Stantec to conduct a Building Conditions Assessment (BCA) Report on each of the buildings and infrastructure equipment. This assessment validates the condition of each of our buildings and component parts including the building exterior and structure, mechanical, electrical, elevators, roof, fire and life safety systems, windows, interiors, landscaping, drainage and paving.  It also highlights deficiencies and provides an expected replacement timeframe.  The building condition is evaluated by specialists conducting the onsite assessment and complemented with interviews, questionnaires and a review of core building and equipment documents. The (BCA) evaluates the condition of the “existing” equipment and the remaining useful life of that equipment to give us a priority list of most to least-urgent capital investments.  The BCA does not consider costs to upgrade or modernize the facilities. All building assessment final reports are expected by the end of the summer.


How Old Are the Villa Charities Facilities?

Date Opened

Villa Colombo Homes for Aged Inc.                                             1976
(Villa Colombo Toronto)

Columbus Centre                                                                             1980
(Administration wing circa 1940s
Athletics wing circa 1960s
Rotunda and Gallery circa late 1970s-1980)

The Columbus Centre includes the three-storey St. Mary’s Training School (1941), a one-storey sports and recreational centre including a swimming pool (1962, 1968 and 1980), double-storey entry atrium (1980) with the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery and the three-storey Rotunda (1980).

Caboto Terrace                                                                                  1983

Casa Del Zotto                                                                                   1991

Casa Abruzzo                                                                                     2004

Villa Colombo Seniors Centre (Vaughan) Inc./                             2004
Di Poce Centre (Villa Colombo Vaughan)

As a supplement to the Building Conditions Assessment, for Villa Colombo Toronto we completed a high-level structural analysis report. This assessment reviewed the structural framing on the residential floors from levels 2 to 5 of the Fusco wing of the building to determine which walls are structural elements and which are not, to inform future Ontario Ministry of Health-mandated redevelopment options.


Capital Investments and Upgrades

We are also underway with numerous capital investments and upgrades to our facilities.

  • Villa Colombo Toronto – complete upgrade to main common room, new air conditioning units for patient rooms, replaced boiler, installed a new chiller, and currently in the process of painting all patient rooms, nurses’ stations and common rooms.
  • Columbus Centre and Casa Abruzzo – working with an engineering firm to remediate a number of repairs including faulty entrance doors and water and ceiling damage at both hydro vaults.
  • Columbus Centre – restoring chillers and we have painted the Columbus Room, hallway, Boccaccio meeting room, as well as painted gallery displays.
  • Casa Abruzzo – upgraded building front door, new interior and exterior LED lighting, new chiller, boiler, building automation system (BAS), ongoing renovation of units, and upgrades to washers and dryers underway.
  • Caboto Terrace – upgraded common room (new kitchen, floors), new fire panel, upgraded electrical system, upgraded lights to LED, unit renovations, and hallway painting underway.
  • Casa Del Zotto – new Portable Air Conditioning (PTAC) resident units, new boiler, new LED lighting, new underground garage carbon monoxide monitoring, ongoing renovation of units, hallway painting underway, new storage lockers in progress.


Beautification Projects

  • Improved landscaping
  • Repair/restore marble
  • Painted ground statues
  • Painted ground fountains
  • Art from gallery installed in residential buildings
  • Restored rattan chairs (Casa Del Zotto)

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