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Villa Charities Visioning Project

Villa Charities is coming to the end of its extensive community-wide engagement project. The Villa Charities Visioning Project began in April 2018, with an initial visioning exercise where Directors of Villa Charities and each Affiliate met to outline what they considered their key priorities for the organization looking forward. This visioning exercise was the first step in a process that had been expanded to include other stakeholder groups who contributed their thoughts using the same format.

Villa Charities underwent an extensive visioning process involving numerous constituent groups, including the local and Italian communities, cultural industry leaders, the long-term care community and other health care providers, Board members and VCI staff. This broad-based stakeholder engagement process was intended to gather input from all these groups and help us develop our campus-wide strategy. The ultimate objective was to address any key, immediate issues and needs, leverage our current resources and identify the required resources to provide enhanced services and facilities for the future.

Approximately 200 people participated in the series of 12 visioning sessions that were held for numerous constituent groups, including the local and Italian communities, young adults, seniors, cultural industry leaders, the long-term care community and health care sector. This stakeholder engagement process involved broad community representation and serves as an integral component of our organization’s strategic planning as we move into the next decade, guiding us in the development of a campus-wide strategy that is focused on the future.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who participated in the Villa Charities Visioning Project. We greatly value the input of the Villa Charities family of customers and appreciate all the feedback we received, to help us create an overarching campus plan that best meets the needs of Italian-Canadians and an increasingly diverse community for generations to come.

A comprehensive final report summarizing the findings from the visioning sessions will be shared with our stakeholders and made available to the public.

Through our engagement and networking process, Villa Charities is committed to improving the quality of life for our community, now and for future generations.