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Columbus Centre


Since its opening in 1980, the Columbus Centre has served as a vibrant community centre where people can enjoy the richness of Italian culture within a Canadian setting. Today, the Columbus Centre remains a major hub for the GTA’s Italian-Canadian community and a popular meeting place frequented by more than 150,000 visitors every year. Patrons of all ages and ethnicities visit the Columbus Centre for dance, visual arts, music, Italian language and children’s camps; view art exhibitions at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery; attend cultural events and programming; and participate in a wide range of athletic, aquatic and wellness programs at our expansive Athletic Club.


In 2018, the Columbus Centre was added to the City of Toronto’s Heritage Register. Designated heritage elements include the mosaic-tiled and brick “St. Mary’s Training School” door frame and decorative mosaic at the southeast corner of the original building; the Rotunda, built originally as a venue for social functions and weddings, and converted in 1986 into an art gallery; and the adjoining landscaped setting of the sculpture garden.


The Columbus Centre is home to TLN Media Group’s corporate and multicultural media production headquarters, Leonardo Da Vinci Academy and the Academy of Realist Art.


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