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Athletics programs and facilities at the Columbus Centre Athletic Club have reopened, following provincial guidelines. Aquatics facilities have also reopened, with strict guidelines and a limited class schedule. The Men’s and Women’s Health Club will remain closed until further notice.

At the Columbus Centre Athletic Club, we have worked hard to prepare our facility for your safe return. Our entire team is devoted to ensuring we meet our commitment to the health and safety of our members and staff going forward.

The following information highlights the protocols that have been implemented to ensure that we either meet or exceed the recommendations as determined by the public health authorities.

Please note that the protocols and amenities outlined below are subject to change.

Preparing to Return to the Athletic Club

• As the Columbus Centre Athletic Club is committed to the safety and health of our community and members, we plan to reopen in accordance with Health Ontario’s response to COVID-19 and their direction.

• Members will be informed of reopening dates through email and social media with as much notice as possible, once we have approval from provincial authorities.

• Members will receive important information about their membership and ways to prepare for the return to the Athletic Club.

• We continue to closely monitor all federal, provincial, and municipal guidelines and stand committed to meeting, or exceeding those guidelines.

• We will only reopen when we are confident that we have implemented every feasible safety precaution consistent with Ontario government and public health officials’ recommendations.

• Please ensure your email is up to date to receive information and updates.


Click here to view a step-by-step process of our Health & Safety Measures and Protocols

• The use of masks and face coverings is mandatory, as required under City of Toronto bylaw no, 541-2020. Mask or face covering may be temporarily removed while actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity.

• Columbus Centre Athletic Club will undergo an intensive deep clean, sanitization and disinfection prior to reopening.

• We will utilize a workout booking model for scheduling your daily 55-minute workouts.

• Members will have access to the General Workout Area including elevated track, Group Fitness Studio, Spinning, Personal Training Sessions and Aquatic Programs, with strict guidelines in place, and subject to change.

• We have developed a “safe flow of traffic” plan by designating a separate entry and exit through the facility (See “Booking A Workout” for more info).

• We will introduce a one-step hospital grade disinfectant and contact sanitizer that will be used for frequent touch-point cleaning throughout our facilities.

• Our staff will be trained in cleaning protocols and adopt a “continuous cleaning” mentality, ensuring high-touch surfaces are given high attention.

• We will require members to wipe down their equipment BEFORE and AFTER each use. Spray bottles and paper towel stations will be strategically placed throughout the gym area.

• Additional hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the facility and we will have bottles available for your own personal use if you choose during your workout

• Each piece of equipment will have a photograph of all high-touch areas that should be cleaned before and after each use.

• Protective barriers have been installed in locations where staff and members congregate. This includes the front desk, presentation tables, and exit and entrance points where possible.

• The Columbus Centre Athletic Club staff will be required to wear masks, including personal trainers.

• Group Fitness Classes have been restructured to promote physical distancing and provide necessary time between classes for members to enter and exit the club safely along with providing time to properly clean between classes.

• Locker availability, towel services and showers will be suspended for the protection of staff and members.

• Foam rollers, bands and mats and other handheld gym equipment will be secured by the Columbus Centre Athletic Club and therefore not available for use. Members may bring their own each time they visit and will be instructed not to share with other members.

• A one-touch “Red/Green” system will be set in place to identify weights and other equipment that require cleaning prior to another member being able to use them.

• Garbage Containers: Garbage Containers will be available for disposal of paper towels. Lids will be removed as an additional safety measure. We ask that garbage dispensers are used only for disposal of paper towels and for members to bring home their empty water bottles or other disposable items.

• Fans, including floor fans, mounted fans and ceiling fans will remain OFF to prevent any unnecessary movement of air and spreading of particles in the air.

We understand how important safety, exceptional client experience and facility availability is to our members.

We have taken an extra step to protect our most vulnerable members by designating times for “at risk” populations for those with an increased risk associated with COVID-19: Specific blocks of time will be open to our members 60 years of age or older (times to be posted).

One of the key ways we can achieve the balance between safety and member experience is by implementing a “pre-book your workouts” structure through Antaris Online Booking through your iOS, Android mobile device via our Member Portal to guarantee a workout. If you are not comfortable with online booking, our Membership Office staff will be happy to book those times for you. Simply email us at fitness@villacharities.com or call the Membership Office at (416) 789-7011 ext. 231.

Fitness Class Check-In Process

• Members must wait outside of the facility at the check-in point at the beginning of their 1-hour timeslot and enter the facility at the same time as the other participants in the class. Your instructor will be present to take attendance.

• Classes will be scheduled to begin no later than 5 minutes after a workout timeslot has begun and late participants will not be allowed in class past the 5-minute scheduled start time. Classes are to end no later than the scheduled end time of the class. This is to ensure all participants can safely exit the building at the end of their booking timeslot. When exiting, the back row will leave the studio first, followed by the rest of the participants in an orderly fashion.

• Attendance lists will be provided to the instructors in advance to confirm attendance through our online booking application.

What advantage will there be in implementing a “Pre-book your workout” structure?

• By pre-booking your workout, you will not face the uncertainty of when you can access the gym facilities.

• You will be asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. You will be asked to line up 2 metres apart from other members and will be let into the Athletic Club when your workout timeslot is scheduled to begin.

• Booking workouts allows us to maintain a required facility capacity, which in turn helps promote physical distancing and reduces the potential spread of COVID-19.

• Walk-ins will not be permitted.

Members will be permitted to book an appointment to access the following areas of the Athletic Club:

• General Workout Area including elevated track

• Group Fitness Studios

• Spinning

• Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training sessions will be required to book a workout themselves to enter the Athletic Club for their session.

If a Personal Training client is entering the Athletic Club for an individual workout or Group Fitness Class, and not for a P/T session, they will be required to book a spot using the Antaris Booking facility.

Personal Training clients may not book in a training session and an individual workout in the same day. Daily booking restriction apply. (One hour a day / per person)

Book your workout in 4 simple steps:

1. Login to Antaris Member Portal (link to be provided)

2. Click “Book” on the main menu

3. Select whether you want to book a class or a workout

4. Select your class or time slot

You will receive a confirmation of your booked time slot. (Please ensure all contact information Is up to date so we may communicate with you) (See “How Can I Update My Profile & Information Section” for more info)

Only members with Active Status will be able to book workout time slots

All members with Freeze and Other Member Account Issues will be required to resolve their account status prior to being able to book their time slot. (See “How Can I update My Profile & Information Section” for more info)

• The Columbus Centre Athletic Club has now reopened.

All memberships will remain frozen until January 10, 2021 unless you choose to reactivate. No fee will be applied.

• If your email address has changed recently, or you are unsure if we have this information on file, please email us at fitness@villacharities.com

• Pre-authorized payment schedules will resume on the day the facility reopens but your payment withdrawal day will remain the same as before the closure.

• Those members wishing to extend the suspension of their membership AND dues may do so free of charge for up to an ADDITIONAL 6 months with proper notification at least 7 days prior to their regular billing date

• Membership fees that were paid before we closed will be added as time to your membership, starting the day the facility opens. Once this additional time depletes, your payment schedule will begin on the same day as before the closure.

• Any lost membership time paid before the closure will be re-applied as time added to your account. 

Once we reopen the Columbus Centre Athletic Club, strict capacity requirements will be set to ensure we are meeting or exceeding the recommendations set by public health authorities.

We will also be temporarily reducing services and amenities where physical distancing is not possible or where other risk factors may be present.

Gym Area and Running Track

The Columbus Centre has implemented several measures including directional arrows, signage and placement, to ensure physical distancing can be maintained. To facilitate where possible, appropriate equipment, benches and other equipment may be disabled, relocated or removed. We have removed several pieces of equipment to allow for additional physical distancing space.  Remaining equipment has been spaced out in an 8ft by 8ft area.

Reduced Amenities & Equipment

The amenities outlined below will be available but with reduced capacities:

• Group Fitness Studio (Group Fitness Schedule to Be Posted)

• Spinning Classes (Spinning Classes to Be Posted)

• Swimming Pool and all Aquatics Programs (With a limited class schedule – see here)

• Front Desk: Two Associates will be in the Athletics office at a time and will only be able to assist members by appointment only (Please see Office Club and Hours section).

• Gym Floor: One manager and one associate will be on the gym floor to guide and monitor the flow and ensure the safety of the members.

• Running Track: Only 5 members will be allowed on the track at one time.

• Washrooms: Both Male and Female washrooms will be available in designated General change rooms for use (social distancing protocols apply). Signage will be posted.

• Tennis Courts: Summer Tennis Memberships are available with restricted player participation. Information may be found online or by contacting fitness@villacharities.com

Restricted Amenities & Equipment

To reduce the number of potential touchpoints, the following services and amenities will remain temporarily CLOSED until further notice:

• Showers
• Lockers
• Towel Service
• Men’s and Women’s Health Clubs (No Access)
• Hot Tub, Sauna and Steam Room
• Team Training
• OMEGA Training Classes
• OMEGA Equipment (with the exception of the Tank, sled, and ropes)
• Yoga and Meditation
• Racquet Ball and Squash
• Tai Chi and Boxing

• Benches and chairs

Personal Training will be available in the Athletic Club, as well as through a new Remote Personal Training option. To reduce the potential for contact around the facility we have implemented the following measures that must be adhered to at all times:

• Personal Trainers will always be required to wear gloves and a mask when training with clients.

• No physical contact will be permitted in Personal Training sessions. Contact must not occur unless needed to prevent injury.

• Clients are expected and must be prepared to handle their own weights and equipment.

• Workouts must be modified so as not to require spotting.

• Assisted stretching will not be allowed. Assisted alternative equipment such as bands must be in place to replace assisted stretching.

• Personal Training can only take place on the general workout floor. Hallways, Stairs, Group Fitness Studios and other areas are not permitted to be used.

• All equipment and accessories used must be cleaned before and after use.

• All Personal Training consultations will take place at locations equipped with protective barriers.

Remote Personal Training

• Columbus Centre Athletic Club is pleased to now offer an exciting new option for our Personal Training clients to allow them to continue with their sessions from the comfort of their home. Remote Personal Training will provide an easy way for clients to stay on track with their fitness goals without having to book time in the facility. This is a great option for clients who are not quite ready to come back into the facility but will allow them to work and stay connected with their trainer.

• There are no additional charges or changes to your current Personal Training package. Sessions can be used for both in-club or Remote Personal Training as needed.

• If you are an existing member but not a Personal Training client and are interested in Remote Personal Training, please contact fitness@villacharities.com to learn more and sign up.

All Group Fitness Booking will be conducted online through our Antaris Booking App. Classes will be reduced to meet the facility’s overall capacity and the requirements based on size.

Equipment can and will be limited as deemed appropriate by the Columbus Centre Athletic Club and government standards.

Class Booking, Set-Up and Clean-Up

• Our Group Fitness Instructors will set-up the studio in advance for members to adhere to physical distancing and equipment requirements. A one-touch system will be used where participants will be pre-set up at their stations including disinfectant and paper towels at each designated station.

• Members will be directed to wipe down the equipment they have used and to leave their equipment at their stations. Staff will ensure the equipment is cleaned and prepared for the next class and directed to the exit door. Participants MUST leave the facility immediately after their class.

Columbus Centre Athletic Club Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 6:00am – 10:00pm
Friday, 6:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday, 7:00am – 7:00pm

Membership Office Hours:
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Closed on Weekends

Current Gym Entry / Exit Locations

Entry: West side, Southernmost fire exit.

Exit: Doors next to Caffè Cinquecento will be used to exit the gym

Office and Staff Availability and Appointment Bookings

There will be at least 1 office staff available during operating times. Appointments MUST be made to meet with office staff as distancing protocols will be in effect within our offices.

We encourage members to use our online membership portal for their membership updates, changes and payments. Otherwise, we ask you to call in to the Membership Office for assistance prior to showing up as you will not be allowed into the facility without an appointment.

Gym booking times: 1st block – 6am / Last block-9pm.

The Columbus Centre Athletic Club offers General Fitness Memberships and Executive Membership services at affordable prices.

Our fitness facility provides an extensive array of personal training options and athletic classes including spinning, aerobics, body tone, boot camp, ZUMBA® and Circuit 55+. We also provide yoga classes, squash lessons, boxing and aquatic classes. With our indoor swimming pool, we cater to preschool-aged children just learning how to swim, to seniors who enjoy aquafitness.

With varied, high-intensity functional movements, our new OMEGA High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at the Columbus Centre Athletic Club coaches people of all shapes and sizes to improve their strength, physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in an encouraging environment. Using various training equipment including kettle bells, resistance bands, battle ropes and sledgehammers, OMEGA is designed to improve your endurance, stamina, strength, mobility, power, speed, agility, balance and coordination

Please be advised that parking enforcement has resumed. Please tap your fob at the parking meter located outside the front of the building (main entrance) and a ticket will be printed for you to place on your dashboard.

Membership Packages

About Us

The vibrant good health and sense of physical well-being that comes with getting fit is offered here at the Columbus Centre Athletic Club.

Our attentive personal trainers are equipped with cutting-edge techniques to help you achieve your goals. From cardiovascular workouts to strength training, our progressive equipment and services are geared to meet every unique need.

Sweat it out in one of our multi-level fitness classes, or jog on our indoor running track. Plunge into one of our Aquafit Specialty Classes, or swim at your leisure. Massage therapy is also available.

We are open seven days a week, so drop in for a tour or, even better, take advantage of our free guest pass and find out how we can help you meet your fitness goals!

Customer service excellence, communication, collaboration with partners, and outreach to the community are paramount to the Columbus Centre Athletic Club.

Our vision is one that demands and fosters inclusiveness, a culture of integrity and respect, caring, honesty and accountability, grounded in the tradition upon which the Columbus Centre was first established in 1980.

Columbus Centre Athletic Club staff take pride in providing professional, all-encompassing fitness programs and cultural activities to members of all ages and diverse backgrounds, reflective of the rich multicultural community in which the Columbus Centre is located.

Providing exceptional customer service is the hallmark of the Columbus Centre Athletic Club management and staff, who strive continuously to respond in a timely way to client needs.

Our goal is excellence in the provision of one of the core services of the Columbus Centre: health and fitness. The Columbus Centre Athletic Club develops and provides high quality, broad-based and financially sustainable programs to promote the health and well being of its culturally diverse clients of all ages, and aims to enrich the health and fitness of the community as a whole.

Club Rules and Regulations

Read our full Columbus Centre Rules and Regulations 

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Welcome Back – We’ve Opened our Doors

Read our “New Protocols and Procedures” digital guide, for a summary of the new safety measures implemented for our on-site programs and services.

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Columbus Centre Athletic Club Hours:
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Friday, 6:00am – 8:00pm
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Membership Office Hours:
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
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