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Villa Colombo Vaughan

Villa Colombo Vaughan

COVID-19 UPDATE – September 22, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Staff:

On September 10th, York Region Public Health (PH) declared a facility wide COVID-19 Outbreak. All residents continue to be placed on droplet contact precaution. All staff are required to wear masks, face shields, gowns and gloves. Villa Colombo Vaughan Outbreak Status is as follows:

Current # of COVID-19 positive residents for the entire facility: 0

Current # of COVID-19 positive staff for the entire facility: 0

Current # of residents experiencing symptoms: 0

All residents in Casa Guglietti have been tested for COVID-19 came back NEGATIVE. Should a test result be positive for Covid-19, the POA of that resident will be notified. All families, residents and staff will be notified of the actual unit that the resident resides in.

On Monday, September 21st, one (1) resident on Ciccolini has been experiencing symptoms. As of today (Sept 22nd), two (2) more residents have since displayed symptoms and have been swabbed. VCV and UniversalCare are continuing to meet and working with York Region Public Health daily to ensure we are doing all we can.  


No ‘General Visitors’ are permitted during outbreak. With approval from Public Health, Individuals who have been deemed ‘essential visitors/caregivers’ are permitted. We are recommending that it be limited to (1) designated person per resident, per day in their room. Anyone who is interested in becoming an ‘essential visitor’ are to complete a Caregiver Request form and submit for approval of Director of Care and Public Health. All Essential visitors will be provided with required PPE’s when they are visiting the home. All essential visitors are permitting to stay in the visiting resident room and maintain physical distancing throughout visits. All essential visitors are required to participate in an educational session to ensure infection control practices are adhered too as per the MOH & LTC Directive #3 effective September 9, 2020. Two Virtual TEAMS sessions are being held this week:

  • Wednesday, September 23rd @ 1:00pm
  • Thursday, September 24th @ 3:30pm

For more information contact Sherry VCVAdmin@universalcareinc.ca


Reminders to all family, residents and staff, following IPAC protocols are essential to prevent the spread of infection. VCV continues to:

  • Increase cleaning of high-touch surfaces such handrails, furniture on all areas
  • Closely monitor of all residents for symptoms, including taking temperatures 3 times per day and completing an active screening twice a day (days and evenings)
  • Active screening for all staff and visitors (twice a day) for symptoms (including taking temperatures) before they start their shifts and a second time before they leave
  • Co-horting of all staff and Essential Visitors to specific residents’ areas is required
  • Staff are permitted to work in ONLY one health care setting
  • Only (1) current designated essential visitors will be permitted to visit their loved one. Education will be provided to those individuals.
  • Following physical distancing at all times ie. No group activities or gatherings.
  • Limiting items coming into the home including food;
  • Promoting proper hand washing/sanitizing protocols;
  • Hair salon & Foot Care services have been suspended
  • Physiotherapy services will continue with co-horting of staff, and following the recommendations of PH. OT.

If you have any concerns, please contact the appropriate department listed below. For example: Care related issues to be reported the registered staff. If your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the ADOC or DOC.


Casa Guglietti – Ext. 317
Casa Bratty – Ext. 318
Casa Melatti – Ext. 319
Casa Ciccolini – Ext. 320
Casa Guizzetti & Gollini – Ext. 321
Casa DeGasperis – Ext. 322

Sherry Braic – Administrator – Ext. 303
Liza Reantaso – Director of Care – Ext. 316
Sonia Henriques – Office Manager – Ext. 302
Heather Barrow – Admissions Coordinator – Ext. 313
Jessica Fabbro – Program Manager – Ext. 309
Gurpreet Pannu – Dietary Manager – Ext. 311
Luciana Benedetti – Housekeeping Manager – Ext. 312
Tibor Szakaczki – Maintenance Manager – Ext. 314

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. The safety and well-being of our residents, staff and their families have always been our top priority. With your prayers and support we will get through this.


Sherry Braic
Villa Colombo Vaughan

For all past updates, please visit our COVID-19 Updates page.

Our beautiful 16-acre northern campus in quiet Kleinburg, Ontario, is home to 160 of our community’s seniors. The living accommodations are comprised of six separate casas scattered over the expansive property, each housing up to 30 residents who share a living room, dining room, and bathing spa, to create a social and welcoming atmosphere. Our residents’ private rooms for retreating and visiting are also well-equipped and are of the highest-quality and comfort.

Upgrades such as heated floors, plasma TVs in resident’s rooms, our Piazza De Gasperis, or “town square,” a new reflective pool, bocce court, and chapel, make Villa Colombo Vaughan more than just a facility. It’s a home to 160 residents.

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Villa Colombo Vaughan
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