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Recreational Dance Programs



Fun and exciting classes are offered in a variety of disciplines for dancers ages 2 and up! The recreational program is designed to develop technical skills and foster artistic expression. Students may choose to enroll in one or several classes of any style. Classes promote fitness, fun and teamwork.

Placement is based on skill level and age as of September 30, 2022. It is with careful consideration that each child is placed in the class that best serves the student and allows them to flourish. Dancers are continuously assessed to ensure they are in the level most appropriate for them.

Classes for Children and Teens


Our Kinderdance program is perfect for kids ages 2 to 5 who love to move and dance. This class is an excellent introduction to jazz and ballet fundamentals and will help students develop the basics of rhythm, balance and coordination in a positive and encouraging environment.

A group of young DanzArts Toronto dance students wearing bunny costumes posing in two rows for a photo.


Learn how to make music with your feet. These upbeat classes work to improve dancers’ musicality, rhythm and precision.

Tap Danzarts Class


The foundation for all dance disciplines, students are taught fundamentals of movement through classical ballet. Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Vagonova are the two syllabi taught at DanzArts Toronto. Focusing on technical strength as well as proper body alignment and posture leads to improved poise, grace, discipline, self-confidence, strength and balance.

Ballet DanzArts Class


Jazz is one of the most exciting and energetic forms of dance. This class is high energy and tons of fun! Dancers will learn jumps, turns, combinations and routines. This class aims to develop technique, stamina, rhythm and a variety of movement styles.

Jazz DanzArts Class


Learn how to move like the dancers in your favourite music videos! This high-energy class encourages dancers to really let loose while improving physical fitness, rhythm and self-confidence.

Hip-Hop DanzArts Class


This class combines dance technique, acrobatics and gymnastics. This is a great class for developing strength and flexibility.

Acrobatics DanzArts Dancer


Do you want to be a triple threat? This class is the ultimate in performance through dance and theatre. This class will help dancers express themselves through a combination of dance, drama and vocal talents. If you have ever dreamed of Broadway, this is the class for you!

Musical Theatre DanzArts Class


An hour-long class that focuses on building core strength, increasing endurance and flexibility. Students will learn to use their own body weight through a variety of exercises including, but not limited to pilates, yoga and strength exercises. This class targets cardio, core arms and legs to condition the dancer’s full body. Highly recommended for all dancers!

Recreational Conditioning Dancer

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For more information about Recreational Dance Classes, including schedules and registration, please contact DanzArts Toronto:


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