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Premium Group Fitness Programs


The following programs are available to Members and Non-Members for an extra cost. All participants are required to register before the start of each session.

Summer 2022 Programs

Registration for Summer 2022 Premium Group Fitness Programs opens on June 27 for Members and June 29 for Non-Members.

Register via email at fitness@villacharities.com, in-person at our Membership Office during office hours, or call 416-789-7011 ext. 231.

Fall 2022 Programs

Registration for Fall 2022 Premium Group Fitness Programs opens on September 6 for Members and September 8 for Non-Members.

Register via email at fitness@villacharities.com, in-person at our Membership Office during office hours, or call 416-789-7011 ext. 231.

Yoga for Beginners

A back-to-basics yoga class that focuses on the key elements of yoga, such as: alignment, breath, relaxation, and concentration. This class is ideally suited for students new to yoga, those returning to yoga, those recovering form injuries, the elderly as well as seasoned yogis wanting to re-tune and refine their practice. Each class will consist of different poses however it will follow common yoga principles, elements and style.


Yoga for Athletes

This 10-week program is geared towards people looking to maintain or increase joint space, mobility and strength, with a focus on injury recovery and prevention. There will be a focus on progressive and regressive muscle isolation for increased mobility. Make your joints move better and find more strength!


Hatha Yoga

The primary purpose of yoga is the reconditioning of the system, both body and mind, to affect the highest possible standard of physical stamina, mental health, and organic vigour. Hatha Yoga is interpreted as a method that will achieve maximum results with a minimum expenditure of energy. Maximum number of participants is 15, minimum of 10.


Gentle Hatha Yoga

Gentle Hatha Yoga is designed for the older adult who may be suffering from depression, mental stress, arthritis and osteoporosis. In this class, you will learn to meditate, breath correctly though yoga methods that will improve your body posture awareness and self-confidence. No mat work, chairs will be provided.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is for stressful times. Let stress and tension melt away and connect with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing practice of supported poses, guided relaxation, yogic breathing and an extended final resting pose. When stress becomes chronic, our body’s capacity to heal itself is compromised, but the antidote to stress is relaxation. This class is for any level student seeking to reduce the effects of stress. This practice cultivates a necessary balance between body and mind while dissolving physical and mental tension. The class is slow, deeply nurturing and suitable for all ages – particularly those with chronic pain or limitations.


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga (a root form of Ashtanga Yoga) is characterized by a focus on dynamic connecting posture that creates a flow between the more static traditional yoga postures.


Vinyasa translates as linking and the system also implies the linking of the movement to the breath. Essentially the breath dictates the movement and the length of time held in the postures. Attention is also placed on the journey between the postures, and not just the postures themselves. In Vinyasa Yoga the postures can be arranged into different sequences that can meet the practitioner’s need or mood in a more creative flow.


Olympic-Style Non-Contact Box Fit

Aspire to the lean muscularity and athleticism of the elite boxer and discover why boxing / kick-boxing is referred to as “the sweet science.” Learn the skills of a great sport and a proven method of self-defense.

The biomechanical science underpinning both the conditioning and technical elements of Coach Mancini’s program sharply distinguishes it from the typical Box-exercise class, which only mimics boxing movements, often teaching students a poor technique that lends itself to injury. Whether in his non-contact or competitive program, students will learn to box.


Sanda is the official combat sport of China which was originally intended for the military.  It is a blend of many art forms ranging from traditional kung fu, western boxing, kickboxing, judo, wrestling and more.  Today it is practised by many for its many benefits including cardiovascular health, endurance, stability, coordination and overall general fitness.  This program includes high pace training such as bagwork, hitting pads, partner drilling as well as flexibility. 

Children’s Racquet Camp

Do you want your kids to keep active and learn something new this summer? Young athletes ages 7 to 14 will enjoy tennis, squash, spike ball and more, with Coach Niki and Coach Max at our Children’s Racquet Camp in July and August. Read more. 


Private Squash Lessons Available

The use of TRX® and other modalities are utilized to work through various functional movement patterns including squats, hinges, pulls, pushes and planks. This program is open to all levels, as anyone can learn to move well. Get ready to sweat and burn some extra calories.

With varied, high-intensity functional movements, our new OMEGA High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at the Columbus Centre Athletic Club coaches people of all shapes and sizes to improve their strength, physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in an encouraging environment. Using various training equipment including kettle bells, resistance bands, battle ropes and sledgehammers, OMEGA is designed to improve your endurance, stamina, strength, mobility, power, speed, agility, balance and coordination.


With our specialized coaching staff, OMEGA is scalable for everyone, from beginners to high-level athletes. You will finish the course with renewed energy and excitement to continue your health and fitness journey.

Adult Karate

Do is a complete system of self-defence designed for persons of all ages. Classes include gentle stretches, warm-up techniques (such as punches, kicks, intercepting strikes, combinations), kata (patterns) practice, ukemi (break-falls), joint locks and throws. Proper karate training helps to develop coordination, balance, improved concentration and confidence. Emphasis is placed on karate history and philosophy.


Children’s Karate

Children learn a complete system of self-defence with classes that are structured to teach self-discipline in a fun atmosphere. Students practice with gentle stretches, karate techniques, kata, ukemi and throws. Children develop coordination, balance, improved concentration and confidence. Emphasis is placed on proper breathing techniques and effective use of energy. Karate philosophy and history are taught in an age-appropriate manner. Children must be 6 years of age. Please speak with the instructor if child is under 6 years of age.


Karate Parties!

Celebrating a birthday? Want to create a special party event? Ask about our fun and action-packed parties for children, teens and adults.


Balance With Tai Chi (All Levels)

This gentle Chinese practice helps clear and calm the mind while you work your body. Benefits of Tai Chi conditioning include improved concentration, balance, posture, circulation, co-ordination, general well-being, and a strong body mind connection.


Okinawan Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do

Traditional Okinawan karate for children, teens and adults. Practice for fun or certified belt levels. Regular classes, private and semi-private lessons available.


Serious Self-Defence For Teens, Women Or Men

Private and Semi-Private Lessons available.


Gentle Fitness

Gentle Fitness is for all seniors interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This low-impact, one-hour class includes flexibility, cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises, and is less stressful than other exercise classes. Come out, meet new friends and get into shape. Everyone is welcome. Register for Gentle Fitness today!

Kickboxing, the official combat sport of China, is a blend of many art forms including traditional kung fu, western boxing, kickboxing, judo and wrestling.

Kickboxing’s origins is in military training but today it is practiced by many for its benefits including cardiovascular health, endurance, stability, coordination, and overall general fitness. This program includes high pace training such as bagwork, hitting pads, partner drilling as well as flexibility.

Contact Us

For more information on upcoming sessions, please contact the Membership Office:

Phone: 416-789-7011 ext. 214
Email: fitness@villacharities.com

If you or your child have any special needs, please contact Gabriella Lalli in advance of start date.

Phone: 416-789-7011 ext. 214
Email: lalli@villacharities.com